Fairy Footprints

Providing memory boxes for bereaved parents in the Republic of Ireland

Our Memory Box

The Memory Box contains a variety of items which grieving families can associate with their child:

  • Memory Book : this can be personalised with handprints, footprints, photo’s, lock of hair and personal recollections.
  • A teddy for comfort
  • A candle for light in dark moments
  • A stained glass butterfly which reflects the delicacy of light and life
  • A rose quartz crystal which can be used to help healing during a time of grief
  • A packet of forget-me-not seeds- to plant when you are ready to remember your child
  • Two handkerchiefs- you may wish to keep one at home and to keep the other one with your child. Or before parting you may choose to swap them so that you have their handkerchief to cherish.
  • Information pack- this is a pack from the bereavement charity Anam Cara ( https://anamcara.ie/ )

To date over 600 boxes have been distributed to bereaved families.

  • Contents of Memory Boxes may vary due to issues arising with stockists and Brexit.