About Us

Fairy Footprints is a charity that was established in 2015 memory of Róisín Redmond and Holly Gorey.


The charity was initially started by the girl’s parents Carol Gorey and David and Lynda Redmond in memory of their daughters.
Our main focus is on providing special Memory Boxes to families that experience the bereavement of a child.

Our hope is that our Memory Boxes will provide comfort at a time of great sadness.

It is our most sincere wish that in times when wisps of memory are not enough to console us, that the Memory Box will give us something which is tangible and real. We hope that the items in the box will become treasured pieces that create a link in an unbroken chain from ourselves to the little one we miss so much.

We work with hospitals and outreach nurses all over the country.

Registered Charity No: 20103637